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Do you wish that healthy eating and living wasn’t so complicated, confusing and conflicted?

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Would you love to understand, once and for all, what you need to eat to nourish your body & keep it healthy?

Do words like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ conjure up images of people with plaits round their head hugging trees and skipping naked through the forest?

Does the idea of yet another ‘diet’ fill you with horror so you’re thinking ‘oh God, what food is going to be bad for me next’?  

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Have you lost weight only to have it ‘find you’ again, and more besides, so you don’t know which ‘plan’ to try next?

Me too! My name’s Sue McKenna and I’ve done every diet under the sun.


I’ve done all the slimming clubs several times.  Every time I re-joined I was at least a stone heavier than the time before.


I’ve counted calories, points, syns & macros. I’ve done keto, atkins, paleo, high fibre, cabbage soup, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat but I just got bigger and more unhealthy.


Over the years I’ve taken so many ‘before’ pictures of myself when embarking on yet another diet that I could make a flip book of me getting fatter!


Through my studies in nutrition, wellness, mindfulness & resilience I’ve now learnt to eat and live in balance with my body.


And I’ll let you into a little secret – losing weight is not all about the food! Yes really!

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So, if you’re looking for simple, faff free advice on how to eat well and take care of your body better, to regain your glow, feel better, look better and lose weight all at the same time you’ve come to the right place!

I can teach you that by living in harmony with your body, by making better food choices and eating delicious, REAL food, that you will actually nurture your body from within, not starve it of the vital nutrients it needs.

Live in balance with your body

As a result your body will be in balance with itself and hey presto! your weight will actually regulate itself.  It’s not magic, it’s not a miracle, it’s backed by science, not the slimming industry, and it works!

So come on in, have a look round, read my blogs and see what you think.

I’ll be adding some recipes here very soon and there will also be the opportunity to work with me so that together we can create the body you deserve.