Do You Find Advice Around Healthy Eating Mind Boggling?

Does all the conflicting stuff you hear about healthy eating and weight loss blow your mind and confuse the hell out of you?

Do you lose weight only for it to ‘find you’ again?

There are so many weight loss methods around but which one is right?

Should you do Low fat? No fat? All fat? Hi carbs? Low carbs? Paleo? Keto? Mediterranean? Slimming Clubs? Exercise only?

It’s no wonder we get confused!

What’s my story?

Back in the 80’s when calorie counting became ‘a thing’ I embarked on my weight loss journey. I started with doing the 1000 calories a day diet aged just 13. One dinner was 4 fish fingers, that’s all!

Over my teenage years and into my 20’s came the F plan diet, then weight watchers as well as aerobics (proper Jand Fonda feel the burn stuff). Slimming world came next and the cabbage soup diet followed that.

After my daughter was born I was desperate to lose the baby weight I’d gained. But I struggled because I believed someone when they said ‘it’s impossible to lose weight when you’re over 30’. Thanks mum! 🙄

It’s incredible how being told something like that can mess with your mindset and make you feel like a failure before you’ve even started.

The rest of my life has just been a dizzy round of slimming clubs (slimming world, weight watchers and rosemary conley), calorie counting meal replacements and more slimming clubs. I gained about 2 stone because these methods only work for a few weeks, then you get disillusioned and bored with eating the same old stuff over and over again.

So you cheat, then you feel bad and stop following whatever plan you’re on and go back to eating ‘normally. and the weight goes back on plus more besides.

The onset of peri-menopause made me pile on another 2 stone and let’s not even mention lockdown! While lots of people were furloughed and doing Joe Wicks I was working every day and my evenings were spent stuffing my face on ‘essential’ crisps and home made sourdough bread.

I dread to think of how many thousands of pounds it has cost me over the years at slimming clubs and on pills, shakes, soups and meal replacement stuff to NOT lose weight!

The funny thing is tho that when I look back at the very few photo’s I’ve got of me (because I hate my body so much I mainly refuse to have my photo taken) I actually look ok.

Typical, I spent my life hating how I looked not realising I looked fine!  In fact I would give anything to look like that now!

So, which diet works?

All diets work to a degree as long as you follow them to the letter and never deviate from them. However this is unsustainable, impractical and (in some cases) downright depressing!

The minute you stop following them the weight goes back on and more besides. It’s so disheartening.

When this happened to me I blamed myself, my lack of willpower, my food cravings, my hormones, my food choices and my personal life.

I felt there had to be another way.

Back in 2020 I embarked on a course to become a nutrition and wellness coach.

I’ve now been studying nutrition and wellness for the last 4 years and what I’ve been learning has been a complete game changer.

I’ve learnt how the foods we eat can be the best medicine or the slowest form of poison to our systems.

I’ve learnt that mindset and self care are just as important as eating healthily. In fact if we don’t look after ourselves how will we look after anyone else?

I’ve learnt that by fuelling our bodies with what they need they behave themselves.  This makes us feel better, we’re in less pain with our joints and stomach and weight loss occurs naturally without having to ‘diet’.

By consciously ‘undieting’ we can fix our mindset and we end up losing the weight we need to as a happy side effect of fueling our bodies properly and giving them what they need.

We don’t have to count calories, points, syns, macros or anything else. We don’t need to weigh everything or measure loads. It’s all about eating lots of delicious food that will keep us full up and nourished so that the incredible machine that is our body is can do its thing.

Since eating this way I started to lose weight almost instantly, 2 stone in just a few weeks and, what’s more, THE WEIGHT HAS STAYED OFF!

I’ve still got a way to go until I’m back to a healthy weight but in the meantime I’d love to use my knowledge to help you too!

Eat Better, Feel Great (lose weight)

Eat better feel great (lose weight) is a membership that I’ve created to help anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing through eating the right kind of foods to fuel their body with what it needs to function properly.  When you do this you will lose weight naturally if you need to.

Month by month this course builds into a one stop place for all your nutrition and wellbeing needs.

In the first month you’ll receive an initial Questionnaire (for your own eyes) and instructions on how everything’s going to work.

You’ll also receive recipes, masterclasses and advice on adapting recipes to make them healthier.

As the months go on we’ll be doing some work on mindset to clear the blocks we might have been faced with surrounding weight loss.

You’ll also receive seasonal recipes to help you to batch cook to save time and effort, plus advice on how to build the perfect plate of food to fuel your body with what it needs.

Each recipe will be downloadable and printable so you can choose your recipes and build your own recipe book as the blueprint of your new way of life.

To become a member of Eat Better Feel great (lose weight) you just need to subscribe by clicking here

It costs just £29.50 a month which is a small price to pay for the content and support you will receive from the group.

So what are you waiting for? I look forward to seeing you in there!

Lots of love
Sue xxx