Eat Better, Feel Great (lose weight) is a monthly membership where you can build the knowledge to improve your healthy eating habits. By fuelling your body and enabling it to become best version of itself you will lose weight naturally and keep it off.

Do You Find Advice Around Healthy Eating Mind Boggling?

Does all the conflicting stuff you hear about healthy eating and weight loss blow your mind and confuse the hell out of you?

There are so many weight loss methods around but which one is right?

Should you do Low fat? No fat? All fat? High carbs? Low carbs? Paleo? Keto? Mediterranean? Slimming Clubs? Exercise only? It’s no wonder we get confused!

My name’s Sue McKenna and I’ve tried every diet under the sun.

Since the age of about 13 I’ve been on some kind of diet. I wasn’t overweight at all, I just always had a really negative body image from constantly being told I was fat.

So back in the 80’s when calorie counting became a thing I embarked on my ‘weight loss journey’. I started with doing the 1000 calories a day diet aged just 14. Over my teenage years and into my 20’s came the F plan diet, then Weight watchers as well as aerobics (proper Jand Fonda feel the burn stuff). Slimming world came next and the cabbage soup diet followed that.

How did I finally manage to lose weight?

Back in 2020 I embarked on a course to become a nutrition and wellness coach.

I’ve now been studying nutrition and wellness for the last 4 years and what I’ve been learning has been a complete game changer.

I’ve learnt that mindset and self care are just as important as eating healthily. In fact if we don’t look after ourselves how will we look after anyone else?

I’ve learnt that by fuelling my body with what it needs it behaves itself, I feel better and weight loss occurs naturally without having to ‘diet’.

I’ve learnt how the foods we eat can be the best medicine or the slowest form of poison to our systems.

And by consciously ‘undieting’ we can fix our mindset and end up losing the weight we need to as a happy side effect.

No counting calories, points, syns, macros or anything else. Minimal weighing or measuring, just lots of delicious food that will keep you full up and nourished so that the incredible machine that your body is can do its thing.

I started to lose weight almost instantly and, what’s more important, THE WEIGHT HAS STAYED OFF!

I’d love to use my knowledge to help you to feed your body nourishing food to fuel your system.

So if you lose weight only for it to ‘find you’ again. If the idea of yet another ‘diet’ fills you with horror, fear not because this plan can really help you!

What will I learn?

Month by month this course will build into a one stop place for all your nutrition and wellbeing needs.

In the first month, along with an initial Questionnaire (for your own eyes) and instructions on how everything’s going to work, you will receive a 7 day eating plan that you can adapt to suit your own needs, whether you eat meat, or are veggie or vegan.

As the months go on you’ll receive seasonal recipes to help you to batch cook to save time and effort, plus advice on how to build the perfect plate of food to fuel your body with what it needs.

Each recipe will be downloadable and printable so you can choose your recipes and build your own blueprint to suit your own tastes, likes or dislikes.

Every month you will receive a masterclass email where you will learn why our bodies need what we’re fuelling them with.

I’ll be checking in with videos and cookery tutorials through our Private Members Only Facebook Group.

There will also be a monthly Facebook live Q&A call with me where you can ask me anything you’re not sure of, share your progress or just chat with other members in our private Members Only Facebook Group.

All this can be yours for just £29.50 a month. That’s less than £1 a day for great advice that could change your life.

So who’s in? Click here to sign up.