Do you want to feel healthier?

Look better?

Lose weight?

Gain clarity and a calmer mind?

Don’t we all!

And yet how many of us desire all this whilst continuing to eat the same food, drink the same drink and do the same things all the time.

If we don’t change anything how will anything change?

As it’s the new year and, hopefully, one that will be free from the shadow of covid, we might be thinking of making new years resolutions to achieve all of the above.

New Years Resolutions?

Are you one to make New Years resolutions? Or do you just get stressed out by them?

For anyone who feels pressured by the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ expectations that seem to fill our news feeds, implying that we can mould ourselves into someone we’re not, there’s just one thing to remember…

New Years Day was just like any other day.  It was a Sunday.  The sun rose that morning and set the same as it always does.  It just happened to be the 1st of January.

If you started a personal challenge or change on 1st January good for you because it was the day you decided do something important for yourself.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did something important for ourselves every single day?

If you made a New Years resolution you won’t get special, magical powers that will make you more likely to succeed.

There’s a chance that after a few weeks of putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed you might slip up and then feel disappointed in yourself that you’ve somehow ‘failed’ which is so not true!

You don’t need to beat yourself up at all.

New You? You’re already you for goodness sake!

We are all miraculous, wonderful works in progress.  We are always evolving, growing and learning. If we want to make changes we can make them on ANY day not just January 1st.

Why not start on 31st January, 23rd April, 18th July or even the 3rd November?  They are just dates.  We also have the power to start over as often as we want to or need to.

So celebrate YOU today and every other day.

In conclusion

New year can be a great opportunity to be kinder to ourselves and, instead of starting rigid protocols that are doomed to failure, maybe think about gently forming new habits over time that will gradually become the norm.

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Lots of love
Sue xxx