The Menopause Sleep Solution


The Menopause Sleep Solution is just what you need if you’re having trouble sleeping and staying asleep.

You know the feeling when you’ve slept badly and the next day everything just seems a bit too much the next day.  You wake up with a muzzy head, you’re grouchy, you snap at people and you’re so very, very hungry and crave all the wrong sorts of foods!

You know you must try and sleep better the next night, but what can you do to aid your transition to the land of nod?

See below for more information about this brilliant guide…

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Over time sleep depravation can have a serious impact on our health and wellbeing.

  • But how can we sleep better if we just can’t get to sleep?
  • How can tonight’s sleep be better than last nights?
  • And how can we sleep better in the longrun?

Having had many years of sleepless nights followed by zombified days myself I can honestly say that I’m speaking from experience when it comes to finding solutions to sleeplessness.

I’ve searched high and low, done extensive research and collected lots of information about how to achieve a great nights sleep. I’m fair brimming with ideas to help you get some shut eye. And here they are, all in one place!

The Menopause Sleep Solution is a collection of all the information and practical tips I’ve come across in my personal experience, as well as my wellbeing studies and from working with clients. I’ve put them all into an easily accessible ebook so that you can benefit from them too!

You might be asking yourself:

😴 Could I do lots of exercise to make myself tired?
😴 Should I open a window to get fresh air?
😴 Would a nightcap help to make me drift off?
😴 Should I get sleeping pills?
😴 How can I get to sleep and stay asleep until morning?

The Menopause Sleep Solution will answer all of the above questions and many more. It will give you lots of quick, easy to implement hints & tips, plus timely advice and relaxation techniques that will have your eyes drooping and your head nodding.

We will cover:

💤 Daily routines
💤 Sleep hygiene
💤 Relaxation practices
💤 How diet can affect your sleep
💤 Lots of other ideas/tips/tricks to help you sleep
💤 Plus much more

It’s the only book of mine that I’d be glad to hear you’d dropped off to sleep reading because then I’d know it’s working!

The Menopausal Sleep Solution will launch on 1st April (I’m not fooling you).

Until1st April I am offering this fabulously helpful short course at the reduced cost of £27.00 On 1st April it will revert to its usual price of £47.00

So if you are having trouble sleeping or if you know someone who is, this could just be the solution you’re looking for!

Click this link to buy and download

I look forward to sharing my sleep ideas with you.

Lots of love
Sue xxx


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